// new media class

Unstable Objects (Short-term Project)

Summer 2020

Micro/Macro (Course)

Summer 2020

Expanding Spaces

Summer 2020

Five Lines of Code (Short-term Project)

Winter 2019

Minimal Hacks for Big Statements (Short-term Project)

Winter 2019

Poetics of Repetition (Course)

Winter 2019

Media Minimalism

Winter 2019

Navigation, Orientation, Information

Summer 2019

Constraints (Short-term Project)

Winter 2018

Carte Blanche

Winter 2018

Mirror: Material, Metaphor, Medium

Summer 2018

Artificial Intelligence in Art and Design

Winter 2017


Winter 2016

Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose (Short-term Project)

Summer 2016

Digital Garden — Digital Wilderness

Summer 2016

Creating Paraphrases (Short Time Project)

Winter 2015

Remote Control

Winter 2015

Making History (Short-term Project)

Summer 2015

One Century — Five Regimes

Summer 2015

Video Cards (Short-term Project)

Winter 2014

Narrative Material

Winter 2014

Techno Legacy

Summer 2014

Measuring Instruments

Winter 2013

Free Project

Summer 2013


Winter 2012

Exhibition in the Cloud

Summer 2012

Data at Home (Short-term Project)

Winter 2011

Sensing the City

Winter 2011

100 Pieces, 10 Variations

Summer 2011

AR Reloaded

Winter 2010

Instant Pain (Short-term Project)

Summer 2010

In Situ – Ad Hoc

Summer 2010

Free Project

Winter 2009

Powers of Two

Winter 2009

Computational Photography

Summer 2009

Micro Communities

Winter 2008

Indie Design

Summer 2008

Beauty of Data

Winter 2007

Implants, Wearables, and Prostheses

Summer 2007

Minimal Media Interventions in Public Space

Winter 2006

Sacral Design

Summer 2006

Networked Objects

Winter 2005

Free Project

Summer 2005

Sensitive Surfaces

Winter 2004

Object of Desire

Summer 2004

Computational Design or How to Communicate with Software

Winter 2003

New Media in Museums and Exhibitions

Summer 2003

Memory of the City

Winter 2002

Free Project

Summer 2002

Information Architecture

Winter 2001

Hands On — Hands Off

Summer 2001

Real Benefit vs. Value Fiction

Summer 2000

The Animated House

Winter 1999

Typography in Space

Summer 1999

Free Project

Winter 1998

Interactives for Berlin’s Museum of Natural History

Summer 1998

Senses, Perception, Illusion

Winter 1997


Summer 1997

Position Determination

Winter 1996

Free Projects